Why Traditional Gold Jewellery is Close to Every Bride?

We all are aware of the fact that a woman is always incomplete without jewelry. Even a simple piece of jewelry enhances the look of the woman when worn with the perfect attire. When it is made of gold, silver, or any other metal, every piece of jewelry is always close to every woman’s heart and they keep it safe her entire life.

As the latest gold jewellery designs are overtaking the market, there are still some women who are fans of their traditional gold jewellery designs. Even many of the to-be brides love to wear their traditional jewellery on their special occasions. The trend started with the marriages of Bollywood actresses. Many Bollywood actresses ignored the latest trends and opted for their traditional gold jewellery designs that made them look stunningly beautiful in their traditional attire.

Every religion has its traditional jewellery designs and many parents keep it safe so that they can forward it to their daughter-in-law to keep their legacy alive for years. When the parents give their traditional jewelry to their daughter, it becomes more special and closer to her heart. She takes care of it her entire life as the symbol of love and blessings given by her parents to her.

You might have noticed that in Indian culture, every bride wears so many pieces of jewelry from head to toe. Do you know why? Every piece of jewellery has its importance and many of them are worn on a special day after marriage only. The jewelry designs that are only worn after marriage in many religions are:

  • Mangalsutra
  • Toe Rings
  • Engagement Rings
  • Maang Tika

Other pieces of jewelry can be worn by anyone on any occasion but few of them are only worn by a married woman as per tradition. The most special among all is the gold mangalsutra. It is a sacred thread that is given to the bride by the groom’s family on her wedding day. The groom ties the knot of the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck in the presence of the whole family and mantra chantings. The priest chants a mantra and asks the groom to tie the necklace around the bride’s neck which is a symbol of their never breaking bond for life. After completion of this ritual, the marriage is considered to be legal and the bride and groom become husband and wife.

The mangalsutra is the symbol of trust and love between the husband and wife and is worn by the wife in her daily life. It is made of black and gold beads with a beautiful pendant in between. It is believed that the black beads protect husband and wife from all kinds of negative energy and secure their bond for life.

Just like the mangalsutra, toe rings are also worn by only married women till the husband lives. It is also the symbol of being married and worn on the finger of the toe. It is believed that the nerves of the ring finger direct connect to the uterus of the woman and with the pressure created by the toe ring, the woman becomes more fertile.

Hence, traditional gold jewellery can never be replaced by any other and will always be loved by everyone.

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