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How to Study and Have Fun in Law School

While balancing studying and extracurricular activities isn’t easy, you can plan ahead to meet all the demands of law school. While law school will require you to devote many hours to studying and extracurricular activities, you will be more likely to have more fun if you learn how to manage time better. Here are some helpful tips:

Take time for yourself. While law school can be stressful, remember that it is a big step toward your goal of a career. Having fun while studying is important as well as keeping yourself healthy. Try to have a balanced diet and stay away from high-calorie, high-caffeine foods. And remember that you’ll have more free time for socializing once you graduate. In addition, make sure you get adequate rest.

Make friends. The law school environment can be a great way to meet new people. Form study groups with other students who are similar in interests and goals. If possible, go out and socialize with these people. Those who share a similar view of life and their futures will be valuable resources for you when you need help. Also, law schools often have student support groups. For example, there is Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Massachusetts, which provides information and resources for students.

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