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How Influencer Marketing Outranks PPC Marketing?

For immediate results, paid marketing is the first and most practical solution businesses across the globe consider. However, the digital platform has seen a massive change with the introduction of social media platforms, and today numerous influencers are available to help you promote your business/products.

However, this brings a great complexity for first-time investors, which among influencer marketing and paid marketing have a high potential to deliver qualified results.

Undoubtedly, influencer marketing has strong points that make it the best investment over PPC. However, it’s crucial for first-time investors to know why influencer marketing has a better ROI.

Influencers’ Content Live Forever:

You already know that paid campaigns are only active and alive till you pay for the campaign and it serves your needs. Once you stopped the ads, your content and paid campaigns no longer exist on the internet (only stay ideal in your campaign management tool).

However, influencer marketing creates content that lives on the internet forever. Every video, podcast, and content created by influencer marketing is available to watch forever. It means your efforts on PPC marketing are limited but not on influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing Delivers Higher ROI:

The outcome of influencer marketing is significantly higher than paid marketing. Yes, working with nano-influencers can give you nearly eight percent ROI, which is far better than paid marketing.

In paid, it entirely depends on optimizing your ads and your keywords’ competitiveness. However, in influencer marketing, you can stay assured of a large audience reach, depending upon the followers count and quality of content.

The average conversion rate in paid marketing is nearly 3 percent which is far below what influencer marketing can deliver you.


The best part that every business loves in influencer marketing is its cost-effectiveness. The cost of running an entire influencer marketing is far less than what paid marketing requires. Moreover, you have the power to negotiate with the influencer to conclude a better deal that suits both parties. However, paid marketing doesn’t have any negotiation window. Instead, you have to pay high to outrank the competitor and show your ads on top of SERP.

In PPC marketing, you are compelled to bid high to get higher impressions and clicks. However, influencer marketing lets you negotiate the final cost without compromising the content quality and outcome.

Influencer Marketing Builds Credibility:

Credibility is a major concern for small businesses, so they look for an option that gives them better exposure to the audience and high credibility. Influencer marketing has the potential to build business credibility alongside high traffic, sales, and leads.

In paid marketing, you only run ads that are differently shown in the search results (with an ‘AD’ mark). Moreover, running a paid Ad doesn’t boost your business credibility, which requires additional investment and effectors to achieve.

That said, you now have a better insight into how influencer marketing can beat paid marketing results. However, the final outcome entirely depends upon how you create your campaign. Moreover, you should always set a goal before selecting the right choice for your business.

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