Access Security Systems [Types, What To Look For and More]

Security is a top priority in any home, business, office block, or institution. Good security systems ensure that both people and property are safeguarded at all times. They do this by sending alerts whenever an unauthorized intrusion occurs or a safety hazard is detected.

With modern technology, access security systems guarantee safety by delivering real-time information to a device anywhere in the world. This article seeks to address the different types of access security systems and how you should pick one for your home or business.

So which types are in existence? Here are some of them:

Types of Access Security Control Systems

1. Electronic Access Systems

These systems are usually found in areas that require advanced security measures. They can be categorized into two:

  • Online systems

In areas that have high influx rates, online access control systems prevail. They are connected to central access software and can be integrated with alarms, elevators, and emergency exits.

  • Standalone systems

These systems are used in areas where access is limited to a single entry point. In addition, they are not connected to any central infrastructure thus becoming easy to install and operate remotely.

2. Manual Access Systems

Access points that employ manual access control involve placing security personnel at the point of entry. Access is granted or denied solely on set criteria that have already been defined. It is common to find such systems in cinemas, museums, schools, and theme parks.

3. Physical Access Systems

Organizations may boast of having high-tech access control systems but you can’t negate the value of an old-school physical barrier. These systems act as the first line of defense when security breaches occur.

Examples of physical access systems include:

  • Revolving doors
  • Rising barriers
  • Sensor barriers
  • Security interlocks

What to Look Out for in Access Security Systems?

Before engaging security consultants, be keen on what will influence your decision on the type of access security system to install. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Compatibility

The access system you pick should be compatible with other security features in your location such as door locks, cameras, and remote devices.

2. Easy to Use

There is no point in purchasing an access security system that is complex. The system should have a friendly user interface that can relay information in a simple yet effective manner.


Does your preferred access control system allow you to remotely access it from any device and location? Does it come with a mobile app?

4. Integration

In institutions and businesses, you may want to ask how easily can the access control system of choice integrate with your existing departments and infrastructures such as human resources and surveillance systems respectively.

5. Scalability

When considering your options, you may be starting small. However, businesses and organizations grow with time and so should your access control systems. How easy will it be to scale the systems?

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